Hillary Chybinski: World Cup Cocktail - The Yellow Card {recipe}

Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup Cocktail - The Yellow Card {recipe}

Are you watching any of the World Cup games? It's really getting exciting and many people are celebrating the soccer games at bars and restaurants and even in their own homes, with soccer parties.  Sounds fun - right?

My Scraps | Voli Vodka Yellow Card
Photo courtesy of Voli Vodka
In honor of the upcoming games, I'm sharing a yummy cocktail from Voli Vodka. I got to meet some of the Voli folks at a recent Getting Gorgeous event, and they shared some fabulous cocktail ideas with me. The Yellow Card Cocktail is a great idea for kicking back and watching the USA take on Portugal this Sunday night.

The Yellow Card Cocktail - Recipe

1 ½ oz Voli Original vodka
1 oz mango juice
¾ oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
½ oz honey

Shake and strain into rocks glass
Garnish with lemon and lime peels

Now sit back and enjoy the game with a refreshing cocktail!
My Scraps | Voli Vodka selection
Photo courtesy of Voli Vodka
Voli Vodkas are produced in Cognac, France using a superior french wheat and natural spring water. They are 5-times distilled and 4 times filtered and infused with high-quality natural flavors. Did I mention that they are also delicious?

What team are you rooting for?

catch you soon -

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