Hillary Chybinski: Book Review: Boss Up! by Lindsay Teague Moreno

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Book Review: Boss Up! by Lindsay Teague Moreno

*this post contains strong language & affiliate links

You guys . . .this book.

Let me be perfectly transparent here . . .I haven't actually MET Lindsay in person . . . yet. But I have stalked her on the interwebs for YEARS now! I think the moment I fell in love with her was watching a video she did in a Young Living series from Diamond Leaders. There was something in they way she spoke, that went straight to my heart. I immediately "Googled" her, and followed her EVERYWHERE. A Stalker is Born.

From what I've seen, Lindsay is one of those people in the world that you either love, or you don't. She's no-nonsense and wildly successful. Not gonna lie, it's really easy to feel the green-eyed jealousy monster creep in when you see her Barbie Dream House. But part of Lindsay's magic, is she shares how she got there. She's totally transparent (well maybe not 100% - but damn close) and authentic.

So in my head, Lindsay and I are tight - like practically BFFs. I bought her first book, Getting Noticed, after I started following all her accounts on social. It's a super fast read, packed with great tips for getting started (or getting better) on social media, no matter what your business is. From there, I signed up for her Boss Up subscription box series and enrolled in her Social Media Take Over class. (I already confessed my obsession - right??) Even though I knew social, Lindsay had tips, tricks and ideas that I hadn't tried or that I was too scared to try.

Ahhh . . .there's the magic word. . .fear.

How can four little letters manifest such strong emotions?? Fear is a beast. Fear will stop you dead-cold in your tracks from succeeding. Ask me how I know . . .

I live it too, my friends. I think we are all afraid of something . . . and some fear is ok, maybe even necessary. When fear makes us cautious (like wearing a bike helmet or a life jacket), it can have great results. When fear prevents us from reaching our full potential or pursuing our dreams . . .we need to kick it to the curb.

That's where Boss Up! comes in. Reading this book is like having Lindsay sitting in your living room, chatting about business (or what I imagine it would be like to have Lindsay sitting in my living room). She shares her stories with you . . .opens her heart . . .and then kicks your ass into actually doing something. Don't be led into a false sense of security, that this a relaxing, passive read. . .this is pen and notebook in hand, active reading my friends. You're gonna need a highlighter!

The intro from Jon Acuff is wonderful. I'm not typically a fan of book introductions. In my opinion, they all tend to be pretty similar . . .but not this one. Just like everything else about this book, it's unique. You can picture the story Jon lays out for you. Don't take my word for it, read it for yourself!

I love the way Lindsay lays out this book. In case you're new around here, I tend towards a "type-A' personality. My husband and kids would probably say that using the word "tend" is an utter understatement, but I digress. Boss Up! starts out with some groundwork. The first few chapters, while entertaining (with actual laugh out loud portions, so be prepared), provide a lot of opportunity for introspection. This is where you are going to do the "thinking". Some of it is hard.

I used to hate that job interview question, "what are your three strengths and three weaknesses?" WTF?! I don't know what they are!!! Is saying I'm organized too lame? How about a weakness? What can I say that won't make me look like an undeserving hot mess? The first few chapters are sort of like that . . .so be prepared. I've read through them once, and am going through them again, pen in hand.

After you get out of those first few chapters, all sweaty with a few hundred pages of introspection and self-discovery notes . . .you get into Lindsay's Success Philosophies. She shares ten with us. Chapter 6 will have you nearly peeing your pants (again - BE PREPARED). On the surface, they seem so obvious. In fact, if you read through the table of contents, you'll probably think, "I know all this already" . . .but trust me, you don't.

You may know it on a very basic level, but you don't know it like Lindsay is about to lay it out for you. She calls you on your shit (be prepared). You know why? Because she has shit too. We all have it, it's part of the process. But Lindsay not only calls you on it, she tells you HOW to get over yourself. She gives you concrete steps and action items (over-used word, sorry - at least I didn't say she "unpacks" strategies) that you can implement RIGHT NOW. Not in a month, or after you make your fist $5,000. . .right now, today. Let's do this thing people!

Being a woman in business is not easy . . .let's face it, if we're honest, being a woman isn't all that easy nine out of ten days, am I right? And for whatever reason, it's easier to knock each other down then build each other up . . .what the HECK is up with that?? Boss Up! is about building us up. . .not just me, but you too. And if you read it and share it, you're helping to build up other women. The only reason women haven't taken over the world is because we keep getting in our own way. Let's stop that nonsense ladies.

And just to be completely transparent with you, I received an advanced readers copy (ARC) of Boss Up, as part of Lindsay's Launch Team. This post is written after I have bought myself three copies of the book. I pre-ordered my Amazon copy, but then needed to get the Target version, which includes an exclusive list of #momhacks AND the Barnes and Noble version, with an exclusive annotated chapter. My husband was confused on why on earth I needed 3 copies of the same book . . .uhm, hello!?!?!?

Have you read Boss Up! yet? If you did, what did you think of it? And if you haven't, borrow a copy or go get yourself a copy and get reading! Leave me a comment here or reach out on social (@hchybinski everywhere) and let me know what you thought! Who's having a book club??

catch you soon -

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