Hillary Chybinski

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to Start a Young Living Business

" I work for a company called, Young Living and I help educate people on the possibility and benefits of creating a toxin-free home. "
Maybe it's not oils you seek so much as freedom. Can a Young Living business really bring you time and money freedom? The short answer is yes.
Building a Business with Young Living

Let's get a little perspective first . . . Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme . . .did you know pyramid schemes are actually illegal, so if Young Living were one, they wouldn't be able to operate successfully for the last 24 years.  A typical American Corporation is based on a pyramid STRUCTURE, with one Big Boss, a few middle level managers and then the worker bees - much different than a pyramid scheme. Well Young Living is considered a Network Marketing Company. What the heck is Network Marketing, you may be asking yourself.

Well, Network Marketing is a business model employed by a company where their "marketing" and sales, are worked by individuals, who are paid on a commission basis. If you're familiar with Eric Worre, he explains in detail how a network marketing operation fits so perfectly into our new economy. 

But in day-to-day operations, Young Living is like any membership club . . .Sam's Club, Costco , etc. You join as a Member (the membership is one of four Premium Starter Kits), and then receive perks, discounts and freebies as a member. When you share Young Living with others, and they use your membership number as their referral code (who referred you? Aunt Suzy did!) you get a commission. Check out any affiliate program (BlueHost, Amazon, Thrive etc), it's the same idea but those companies have much lower payouts.It's as simple as click, sign-up and start sharing.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 23

Weekly Family Meal Plan

Here we are again . . .the last full week of school (for us) and another weekly meal plan. Happy Monday meal planners! I hope you had a lovely weekend and I hope you are ready to kick this week off feeling organized and on top of your game with a meal plan all ready to go . . .

uhm . . .still need inspiration? No worries, I've put my plan together here for you to take a look at. Don't feel as if you have to follow my meal plan, it's just here to help you get your own ideas going. Sometimes, I get recipe ideas from other meal plans, but sometimes it just helps to look at my own meal planning with a fresh eye.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Easy Family Meal Plan 2018 Week 21

Weekly Meal Plan 2018 Week 21

Hello fellow meal planners - welcome back and happy Monday!  I certainly hope that your meal planning efforts are working out better than mine . . .I'm not even sure you could call this a rut - it's like I fell off the wagon into a ditch. But I am trying to dust myself off and get back on the weekly meal planning horse. My sanity needs the return to routine, as well as my wallet.

It's funny, that you always think meal planning will get easier . . .when my kids are older, when my child eats more than four things, when it's not so cold or hot or rainy . . .you know what I've come to realize? Just like with so many other things in this life, there is no perfect time. Just stop shoulding all over yourself and take a step towards your goal.

Plan just ONE meal for the week ahead . . .or two, and do any shopping you need. Write down those two meals in your planner or on your calendar. In two weeks or so, repeat them. WOW - that's 4 meals planned for the month already! Baby steps will get you there . . .trust the process.