Hillary Chybinski: The Latest in Simulation Gaming: Monster Truck Championship

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

The Latest in Simulation Gaming: Monster Truck Championship

Confession time my friends . . .I am probably letting my teenager spend too much time playing video games.  With the pandemic, it's just so easy to say "yes" especially, when he's keeping up with his virtual learning. It's such a weird parenting year - I know I'm not the only one saying yes to things I would generally try to keep to a minimum . . .in order to keep the peace. And while I feel a little guilty, I know that his growth and development are spot on and perhaps he's even learning a bit from them.  I don't know about your kids, but my teen loves those simulation games. 

He has been playing them for years, enjoying everything from trains to farm equipment. Maybe it's the imitation of real life, or the fact that you have to use your brain to play and solve some real-life problems in order to come out on top, that make them so popular. Be it the sense of achievement or openness of design, he will often choose a simulation type game when he has game-time. We were recently gifted a download of Monster Truck Championship to try out on Steam, and here's what we thought:

Screen shot from Monster Truck Championship

Part of what makes the simulation genre so popular is it's likeness to "real life".  Monster Truck Championship is no different. There are 18 different monster trucks that the player can customize and they can race on 25 different circuits in various cities across the US. That's a great variety to keep them entertained for a while! What I couldn't believe, was the detail. The game accurately reproduces all the finer points of driving these types of machines. For instance, the player has independent control of both the front and rear wheels and also has to anticipate after-jump bounce rate <say what??> . . . there is definitely some brain-power at work, besides your basic gaming skills.

The game is rated "E" for Everyone. I wouldn't recommend it for younger children, but may consider it for tweens and young teens. The game is available on PlayStation4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Frankly, once you get the hang of it, it's just plain old fun. I'm no gamer, but the menus are straightforward and there's a tutorial, where you can just drive around the test field. According to my gamer, this is a great place to test your skills before you take your show on the road. 

So during this time of staying home more, Monster Truck Championship can be a fun way to mimic real life.  And who knows, you just may find yourself with a real monster truck enthusiast on your hands!

Monster Truck Championship

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