Hillary Chybinski: What's Hot in Modern Farmhouse Design and Technology

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

What's Hot in Modern Farmhouse Design and Technology

I attended the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home thanks to an invitation from Xfinity.  This is a sponsored post in partnership with Comcast.

There is no doubt that farmhouse style is hot right now, with its comfy-chic aesthetic and liberal use of neutral tones. But a term being tossed around in design circles, is "modern farmhouse". . .what does that even mean – how can a farmhouse be modern? When you typically think about a farmhouse, you may think of a rustic, old-fashioned farmhouse. But the trendy modern farmhouse look is anything but. It's full of warmth and simplicity, in the traditional farmhouse style, but it also encompasses natural textures and materials, and if you do it right, the latest in modern technology. 

Thanks to an invite from Comcast, I recently got a tour of a local modern farmhouse, that takes this design trend to the next level! Located on 2.9 acres in lovely Villanova, Pennsylvania, this 6-bedroom gem of a house sits among estates that have been around for decades. When you pull into the drive, you are greeted by a lovely home, that despite its luxurious feel, harkens back to a simpler time.

Design Home in Villanova PA

"The goal was to create a home with a formal elegance that respected the architectural past and that fit the neighborhood setting, but that had a decidedly modern appeal - a home focused on style, comfort and function, rather than formality and grandeur."

After spending about an hour touring the home, I'd have to say they accomplished their goal and then some! From the entryway to the basketball court (indoor by the way!), this home was filled with beautiful features and the latest in home-comforts and technology.

Design Home FoyerDesign Home Closet

Since the house was a Design Home, it included some truly remarkable textures and details. First there was the use of this beautiful wallpaper in one of the downstairs powder rooms. The colors make it truly farmhouse style, but the design, give it a modern feel.

Designer Wallpaper

There was also this beautiful tile on the floor in the laundry room. I was smitten with this design and how it made such a big impact in the room. Tile is pretty popular right now, with many farmhouse designs including a black and white tile designs in the kitchen, bath or even the pantry. 

Floor Tile

The butler's pantry, off the restaurant-style kitchen, included a farmhouse inspired sink, that was practically a work of art in itself. This space was functional and well as pretty, with a coffee bar off to one side, pantry shelving and a floor to ceiling chalkboard wall.

Designer sink

One of the greatest features of course, was the top-of-the-line technology, installed by Xfinity. While my great-grandmother didn't have security cameras, voice-activated lights and high-speed internet capability in her farmhouse back in her day, these days, with our digital lifestyle, technology is a necessity. 

One thing that struck me was the way technology was strategically placed throughout the house. Like the Xfinity Home touchscreen, the command center for your home security and automation system. 

Xfinity Home Touchscreen

Home security is top of mind for many families these days, and Xfinity Home provides peace of mind with advanced technology to protect and manage your home, plus 24/7 professional security monitoring. This home was equipped with "Works with Xfinity" smart door locks, keypads and light switches. The smart door lock is a keyless entry that's perfect for forgetful kids coming home from school or for the family dog walker, who can be given a unique code for access when you aren't at home. The best part is it can be controlled at home or on the go with the Xfinity Home app.

Outdoor CameraDoor lock

While there were plenty of large-screen TVs, they weren't unsightly and were strategically placed. Gone are the days of a big boxy TV being the focal point of a room. It was easy to picture myself creating a fabulous meal in the dreamy kitchen, while watching a cooking demo on the kitchen TV screen. Thanks to the Xfinity Voice Remote, I can easily control my TV with my voice, instead of with my messy fingers! I can say things like "Show me recipes on YouTube" or "What's for dinner" to see cooking shows or recipes right on my big screen.

Xfinity X1

With everyone on a screen of some sort, Xfinity xFi gives customers the speed, coverage and control they demand for the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi experience. No searching the house for a connection. If you do need help extending reliable WiFi coverage to hard-to-reach areas of your house, there's a solution for that too - Xfinity xFi Pods! And you can manage that Wi-Fi from anywhere, on any device. xFi even gives you the ability to pause WiFi, and set bedtime rules on devices. With xFi, you can enjoy a safe, secure, controlled  browsing experience in your home, with reliably fast speeds all day long. 

Designer Bathroom

This modern farmhouse was filled to the brim with the latest design and technology trends. With its quintessential open floor plan, perfect for entertaining, yet laid-back at the same time, the home managed to pull off that farmhouse "homey" feel, despite its opulence.

Xfinity Moms

For more information about how to get your own home on the cutting edge of technology, check out the Xfinity website. While the public tours are now closed, a virtual tour will be available soon via the Philly Mag Design Home website.

catch you soon - 

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  1. Yep! I'd love that home! The tile and even though I say I'd never do wallpaper again - that pattern is a beauty. The no key door knob is exactly the style I'm ordering. And can we chat about that lighted closet with the displays? Lordy.