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ABOUT Hillary:

Hi. My name is Hillary and I am a published author, lifestyle blogger and content creator living in the Philadelphia suburbs.

I worked in the corporate world for 20+ years as an auditor (although everyone told me I didn't "look" like an auditor) and when I was laid off, thanks to a tanking economy, I started updating my LinkedIn profile and paying more attention to my hobbies at the time; blogging and social media. I've always loved to write and to create things.

Circling the sun more than 50 times, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. My husband and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and enjoy time spent with our teenager and young adult. Parenting sure has changed since they were little, but watching them grow into kind, intelligent gentlemen brings my heart joy. 

Over the years, I've developed an interest in a more holistic lifestyle and I pay much more attention to what goes IN and ON my body, than I did for the first forty years of my life.

ABOUT The Blog:

The blog (formerly known as My Scraps), began as an extension of my scrapbooking hobby, back in 2005. All the "cool" scrapbookers had a blog, and I decided that I needed one too. Since those early days, it has evolved into a lifestyle community where I shared my ideas and inspiration for a healthier, simple life.  I try to bring a mix of humor and real-life narrative to each and every post.

You can expect to find some sponsored posts and giveaways sprinkled throughout organic content. You can expect a high-level of authenticity - what you see is what you get. And I will always be truthful with you, my reader.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas, but reserves the right to remove anything offensive to our community. 

Leave comments, "Like" my Facebook page and follow along on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Unless stated otherwise, all posts are written by me.

I have prepared online content for other webpages, such as MetroKids and The Alcohol Talk Blog. I have provided Community Management services, Social Media Account Set-Up and have consulted on various Social Media plans and strategies to several small businesses  in the Philadelphia Area and beyond to help them achieve their business goals.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find something inspiring.