Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday. . .anatomy of a bra fitting

Friday, May 20, 2011

fashion friday. . .anatomy of a bra fitting

have you ever had a bra fitting?

are you over 20?

it's time. . .i know it may be scary and a bit uncomfortable - but it can be life changing. . .in a good way!

i have had three professional bra fittings so far. . .the latest was last week at my local Soma Intimates.  A girlfriend recommended it, my current underpinnings were lacking in . . .let's say support. . . so i went in - not sure what i'd find.

i was approached by a young, slender and friendly sales associate (nothing like making me feel old and enormous along with the uncomfortable). . .so i almost chickened out.  but she was very nice and I charged ahead -

i told her i needed a fitting and that i was looking for a good everyday bra that can be worn under t-shirts.  we discussed what i was currently wearing and headed off to a very nicely appointed fitting room.  the moment of dread. . .

but she measured me without exposure and made some recommendations on sizes.  we tried a couple different sizes, and then she suggested another style. . .if i told you i heard angels singing when i put it on would you believe me?

people - this bra was PERFECTION . . . it was pretty and comfortable and best of all it put the girls up where they belong.  Icing on the cake? Soma was offering a "But 1 Get 1 for 50% Off" deal.

so i picked up 2 - assuring my wonderfully helpful sales associate that i would soon return for a few more - they had 6 colors in my size and style!

but i was not to get out quite yet. . .there was one more miracle to be found. . .vanishing edge panties

without over-sharing - these panties stay where you put them - period.  they also give a nice smooth silhouette.

now time and washings will tell the true tale - but i can't stop feeling like a discovered a little treasure.

have you been fitted? how did it go?

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catch you soon -


  1. I had one fitting for a nursing bra - it was Medela, I can honestly say it was the worst bra I ever bought, it shrunk and curled and got thrown away

  2. OH NO - that's terrible!! Although I have to say - I do not recall loving my nursing bras. . .Bravo Designs are supposed to be pretty good ones from what I hear.

    Thanks for sharing -