Hillary Chybinski: struggles with squarefoot gardening. . .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

struggles with squarefoot gardening. . .

if you recall, once again, we have embarked on the adventure of squarefoot gardening at our house.  we are not feeding the world - just a great family-friendly activity with hopefully tangible results we can eat.
Sperry Rain Boots
having said that. . .let me update you. . .we are still in need of our three remaining plants - cucumber, pepper and zucchini.  but it's been raining - so we haven't gotten to that.

Mama Groundhog

Mama Groundhog checking out the scene

in addition - this little critter. . .has brought a litter of groundhog pups into the world.  last year we had 5-6 this year, so far I've only spied 4.  they are pretty little - yesterday was their first venture out of their den.

Baby Groundhog - brown fluff in the middle of picture

Closer but a bit blurry baby groundhog
so i put up a little deterrent around the garden. . .last year we never got to pick a leaf of lettuce - they ate it ALL.

CAUTION - delicious vegetables growing here

so despite some minor set-backs and struggles. . .we are plodding ahead.  here is my herb garden as well - I have a dill to go in (whenever the rain stops) still. . .and this I add to throughout the summer as it needs plants and I need herbs.

how does your garden grow?

catch you soon -

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