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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

crafting. . .it's all in the family. . .

Ryan's school is participating in a fundraiser that uses the children's artwork.

The program is called Square 1 Art and according to their website:

"We are a family business that was founded and designed by a former art teacher Marty Reid in 2000.  We know the kind of support you need because we've been art teachers, parents, and school volunteers who know what it takes to support education.  We are committed to helping everyone recognize that there are better "family-focused" fundraising options that do not require door-to-door selling and offer LASTING, QUALITY products to treasure for years." 

Well Ryan's art came home on his free "Squickers" and it is adorable!

I am ordering something for myself and letting Ryan pick out some Holiday gifts (Mimi and Didi - don't look!)

Both of my kids have done a similar program with another company when they were/are in preschool.  While we were always pleased with the results - this one seems just a tad bit better - in efficiency and quality and choice.

catch you soon -

note:  this is a program being run by my school district.  i did not receive anything for saying positive things - I'm just a mom supporting the school fundraiser.  As always any opinions expressed here are my very own.

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  1. So cute, I kind of just want to do that with something that I have created.