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Monday, January 04, 2010

mondays from the mommyhood. . .

the talk. . .you know the one. . .

so. . .i've been thinking about "the talk". . .ryan is in third grade. . .

he came home with a mild joke about lesbians that he heard from another 3rd grade boy at school. . .we didn't go into details, just breezed over that the joke could really make someone feel badly, and he shouldn't repeat it. I mean - I don't think he knows what a "lesbian" is - although we have talked about some kids having 2 moms.  I don't think he knows that "dick's" could be considered a slang term. . .we tend to use proper names for body parts.

so i got in my way-back machine and went to 3rd grade. . .deerfield township elementary school in NJ. . .Miss Watts. . .that was the year of the first boy-girl parties where the parents only came into the room to drop off food.  i would swear we played 7 minutes in heaven. . .my first kiss. . .3rd grade!! YIKES!

i remember the "movie" - did you see a "facts of life" movie in school?  it was about three flowers - and to this day i have no real idea what i was supposed to learn from it.  i do recall the permission slips, the classroom door window being covered in constructions paper and the girls and boys being separated.  it was 5th grade. . .too late by today's standards? i don't know. . .

i also remember sending away to stayfree for my "starter kit" - i was SO happy to get that giant green box of forbidden "womanly" products in the mail - it sat unused until 8th grade - so disappointing after all the build up from the flowers. . .and there was a bee too i think. . .

my brother is 9 years younger than i am. . .so i remember when he saw his movie. . .my mom told my dad that he had seen a movie at school, and my dad should follow-up and see if he has any questions. no lie - here's how it went down outside in the yard -
Dad: so - heard ya saw a movie.
Brother: yep
Dad: got any questions?
Brother: nope

that's IT. . .done. . .fade to black. . .

i'm still unsure how i learned what it was all about. . .if i had the talk with my mom - i have totally blocked it out

i've read all about giving "the talk" on various parenting sources. . .but come on. . .how do you START the conversation?

have you had "the talk" yet?
how old was/is your child?
mom=girls and dad=boys for explanations?
and for GOD's SAKE - how the hell did you start????

catch you soon -

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  1. My parents got out encyclopedias... I can only remember that M (for menstration) was one that we looked at.