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Friday, January 01, 2010

one little word. . .

. . .gratitude. . .

that's my word for this year.  if you follow Ali Edwards, you know that she got started on this path of selecting a word or guiding principle for the year, rather than making resolutions.

this will be my third year participating in this endevor.

2008 - simplify
2009 - harmony
2010 - gratitude

i've done well in the past - i've been successful at simplifying many things in my and my families' lives.  don't get me wrong, the path to a simple life is long and paved with lots of stuff.

last year was to create a sense of harmony.  one of my biggest accomplishments, was establishing a signal with ryan for when he had something difficult to tell me.  he got to a point of being afraid to tell me if something went wrong at school, for fear i would lose my temper and yell. . .so now he says, "mom, i have something to tell you but i'm afraid you'll get mad" - it gives me just the amount of space i need to breathe before i hear the news.  it's working out very nicely for both of us - there is a lot less yelling.  now if i could only create harmony between the boys. . .

this year is gratitude. . .i have so many things to be thankful for. . .and i am. . .but the details - the stories - the truly meaningful parts, sometimes get lost.  i want to try to take some time each day to reflect on something positive - some everyday reason to be grateful.  find ways to express my gratitude to those that do so much for me - family, friends and strangers.

i downloaded a gratitude journal app to my iPhone today - seems a bit wierd - but this way, i'm inspired to jot a few things down as they come to me - living in the moment, remembering the good things that happen each day - the good people you meet each day - the positive life experiences.

what's your word? i hope you'll share.

catch you soon -

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