Hillary Chybinski: cha cha cha changes. . .

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

cha cha cha changes. . .

so yesterday was chock full of fun and goodness. . .

thanks to a waning economy and poor budget management, my position was cut - as in, i am no longer  employed outside my home - bummer

i'm sad and a bit depressed . . .so today i ran errands, made a yummy beef stew in my crock-pot and worked out with my Wii Fit. . .but i'm still a bit sad and depressed

i know change is a good thing - when one door closes and lemons to lemonade. . .yeah - i get all that shit. . .but you know what - i liked my job. . .i liked the routine (not to mention the paycheck) - i liked the people - i liked the company and the work.  at times i wished it was more challenging - but i didn't want it to go away. . .and now it did. . .and i'm sad.

people are so happy for me - now you can stay home. . .which is true - but we have less money coming in, which means all i can do is "stay" "home". . .and come on - that gets boring after a bit. 

so the question becomes. . .what to do now. . .i don't think i want to try what i was doing again - i tried it twice, and both times it didn't work out. . .but what's the answer?

catch you soon -


  1. good for you for posting your story - I find that I don't blog about the things that aren't so "happy" - keep taking steps - whatever they may be!! if you stop moving and doing, you stop living and that's just no fun ;-) a fresh start for you is coming - whatever that may be!! good luck to you!!!

  2. Wow aren't we REALLY alike!

    I know the feeling... it makes you feel like you don't have a purpose. It's hard to accept it-even after everyone says "it's a good thing'... although they are trying to make you feel better-it kinda stinks.

    Even after my disastrous losses... 3 months later.. it still stings.

    Sending you smiles and great vibes!

    Now we have lotsa time for coffee! Maybe even a daytime scrap session? =)

  3. Sounds like now is the time for our Internet venture to begin.. whatever it is, we've got to do it!

    Two sassy stay-at-homes take on {fill in the blank}.

    I'd pour a glass (or ten) of red for you if I was there.