Hillary Chybinski: check it out. . .

Saturday, February 17, 2007

check it out. . .

. . .your own self-inking stamp. . .with a monogram of your choice. . .there are like 122 embossers and stampers to choose from at www.finestationary.com

think i have to get myself a couple of these. . .and now i have new gifts for people too. . .

catch you soon -


  1. Hi Hillary!
    You may remember me from the CKC last year and QVC and scrapbooks n smiles--- we kept running into each other! I was just at mlpa today to sign up for the Donna Downey portfolio class and I think that I may have seen your name on the class list. Either that or there are other Hillarys in the world who love Donna Downey too! mlpa was a great store--- I spent an hour looking at things that I totally don't need but bought anyway. It's really out in the boonies to me so I needed a dry run before the class. Hope to maybe see you there. I'll be alone so it'll be good to see a familiar face! Audrey

  2. Fun toy! And hi to Audrey if she checks back in!