Hillary Chybinski: 39 and holding. . .

Thursday, February 15, 2007

39 and holding. . .

. . .so, only 364 more days until 40. . .

i think i've done pretty well in the last 39 years. i've gotten through school, got a job (several), married a wonderful man that I am completely in love with. made some amazing friends - lost a few along the way. gave birth to two healthy, bright and wonderful boys, who are truly the joy of my life - even when they are driving me crazy.

i am blessed to have a cozy home, a loving family and full life. what more could a girl really want?

catch you soon -


  1. happy birthday!!!
    i'm closing in on 45...grrrr....oh well, it beats the alternative, i suppose!

  2. .... more shoes.....

    You are a phenomenal woman - no matter what age.

    Happy Birthday. Love you. Dani

  3. Sorry to have missed the 39th! Glad to know you are happy in your own skin. It's important that we note our own accomplishments, especially the ones who wear small sneakers.


    ps - so when are we going to see some pictures of YOU from the late 70s?

  4. Happy Birthday, Hillary. Just wait, it gets better and better. I love being 40!

    And thanks for your comment on the Mac. I'm so glad I switched!