Hillary Chybinski: where did the week go?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

where did the week go?

. . .wow it's saturday already. . .and quite honestly, this feels like the longest week in recorded history.

i had a bit fo a breakdown yesterday - over the pack-n-play. . .have any of you struggled with one of these monsters? i decided that after a night of three hours sleep, i needed to take down the p-n-p downstairs, move the one from upstairs down, adn return the downstairs one to its rightful owner.

yeah - right

got them both half collapsed prior to the breakdown. . .then i had to call in reinforcements. thanks pam for the sanity check!

i'm sure you will be glad to know that pam and i successfully accomplished my mission. thank heaven for good friends that you can laugh about your own idiotic ideas with.

happy saturday - keep warm
catch you soon -

1 comment:

  1. Pack and Plays should be outlawed!!!!

    And out of all of the women I knew in college, I think you were last on the "Will be into scrapbooking" list.