Hillary Chybinski: the invitations are out. . .

Friday, September 16, 2005

the invitations are out. . .

. . .the party supplies have arrived. one week until Ryan's 5th birthday party.

if i close my eyes, and think real hard, i can remember the trip home with him from the hospital after he was born. now we are negotiating on a daily basis for candy, television, and special privileges. people tell you constantly that time flies. . .having a child lets you witness that first-hand.

it amazes me to think that John and I are helping Ryan to become the person he will be. . .the lessons we teach him and the examples we set for him, will help determine who he becomes someday. daunting! i wonder a lot if we're doing a good job. . .will he be a good person? is he as smart as we think he is? will he be happy? I can say that at almost 5, he is a bright, funny and kind-hearted little boy. he asks a bazillion questions a day, and wants to be involved in everything we do.

i love him with every single fiber of my being - and i cannot imagine my life without him. . .i have to go have a cry and figure out whether to make or buy a cake. . .

catch you soon -

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