Hillary Chybinski: Ryan and the Beach . . .

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ryan and the Beach . . .

, , ,a match made in heaven. we got back on Saturday from a week in the Outer Banks, and i'm starting to recover. . .it is only Thursday!

i'm not even sure how to post about it - it was an awesome time and Ryan loved the beach. we went with two other families, 6 grown-ups and 4 children. . .and we're already talking about going back. . .i pray Ophelia doesn't do too much damage.

there is something about re-connecting with your family on vacation. there isn't a lot of work to interrupt things, there isn't a lot of housework, or should-dos. . .we really enjoyed each other and our time together (except for a few times. . .)

i love my boys - i'd be lost without them. . .i took such pleasure in watching John and Ryan together on the beach, in the surf. . .father and son. . .bonding. . .tanning. . .laughing. . .

catch you soon -

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