Hillary Chybinski: the eyes have it. . .

Monday, September 19, 2005

the eyes have it. . .

. . .even with this painful smile. . .his eyes are gorgeous. so blue with long dark lashes. and they twinkle when he is happy and darken when he's mad.

all this talk about eyes because i found out today that his are not only gorgeous, but perfect to boot!

a little history. . .Ryan was selected to help administer an OT exercise at his preschool (a school composed of typically developing and special needs children). during the course of the Battelle Developmental Inventory, the OT ( a wonderful and caring young woman) thought he may benefit from a visit to a Developmental Opthomologist. apparently he didn't walk heel to toe, and wanted someone to hold his hand when he stood on one foot. (yes, that is simplifying it, but i don't want to lose you. . .)

yes - my name is Hillary and I am an over protective parent. TAPS - but that's a story for another day.

today we finally met with Dr. Forbes (an INCREDIBLE doctor and man!) and he advised us that there is nothing wrong with Ryan's eyes. so all those nagging worries cluttering up the back of my mind with horror and dread, have been released into the night.

THANK YOU Dr. Forbes!

catch you soon -


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  2. Glad it's nothing! Isn't there always something to stress about????

    (I'd hate for the OT to see Francesca's little run/hop --)