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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Fashion Basic: The Flannel Shirt

A great wardrobe is built around basics. It seems simple and boring, but it works. If your closet is full of trendy, fun pieces you will never have anything to wear. If you build your wardrobe on a few basics, you will have a foundation to not only wear on their own, but to wear WITH those fun, trendy pieces, extending your outfit options even more.

How to find and style the perfect flannel shirt.

One basic that you may not think of is a flannel shirt. Yes, I said flannel. Personally they have never been a favorite of mine. I was too old in the 90's grunge era to sport my flannel and go clubbing. And quite frankly, the flannel of years past was thick and bulky and we curvy girls don't need to add any bulk.

But my oh my has flannel changed and it's EVERYWHERE. There is flannel for men, women and kids at almost every price point. My teenager and tween both got a few shirts from J Crew as Christmas presents this year, and they are fabulous. They are so soft and in bright colors, I love to see them wearing them.

For myself, I received the Alyssa Top in my fall Ambassador package from Aventura Clothing. I was initially drawn to it's green color, but fell hard for it's softness and awesome drape. Right now it's even on sale if you want to pick one up for yourself! It comes in two other colors besides this awesome Loden Frost. The contrasting color on the line of buttons and on the insides of the cuffs and collar adds a great touch of style.

Alyssa Top from Aventura Clothing
I think I need to add at least one more flannel shirt to my wardrobe this winter. I've been checking out a few at Old Navy, but I have to check their fit. Again, it's tough when you are curvy to find shirts that don't buckle along the buttons. One way to style around that, is to pair your shirt with a cami or t shirt underneath, and half-button the shirt. While this shirt buttons fine on me, I liked the casual look of the stretch tank underneath.

What are your thoughts on flannel? Keep it to pajamas or wear it everyday? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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