Hillary Chybinski: Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 - Week 1

Monday, January 02, 2017

Weekly Family Meal Plan 2017 - Week 1

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

Happy New Year meal planners! Whether you are a pro at meal planning or just starting a new habit in the hopes of making your life easier, this is the place for you every Monday morning.

For anyone new, let's go over my easy weekly process. Each Sunday, I review what's in my pantry, freezer and refrigerator. Next, I pull out my calendar, and see what we have planned for the week. It helps to plan out meals when I know what nights we have more time and what nights we are running around like crazy people.

After those check ins, I sit down with Pinterest, magazines and cookbooks, and pull together three to five home-cooked, real-food meals. Five is my goal each week, but let me be honest and tell you that many weeks we only manage three. And that's okay. Any real-food meals you make durig the week, is better than none. Small steps still get you to the finish line.

Here's what we have planned for this week:

Monday - Last Day of Vacation - Leftovers (clearing out the fridge!)
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday with Corn and Gucamole
Wednesday - Rotisserie Chicken in the Instant Pot, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
Thursday - Greek Frittata, Salad, Crusty Bread
Friday - Pizza Night - making a plan to get back to making our own.
Saturday - Dinner with Mimi and Pop-pop
Sunday -Leftover Buffet / YOYO (You're On Your Own)

What do you have planned for dinner this week? Share your ideas here in the comments, or join us over on Facebook, to talk all things meal planning!

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catch you soon -
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