Hillary Chybinski: Meal Planning 2016 - Week 37

Monday, September 12, 2016

Meal Planning 2016 - Week 37

Weekly Meal Plan - Real Food for Real Families

We survived the return to school! Last week, both the kids went back to school, and this week, I'm starting a new part-time job. Things never seem to have a moment to get dull around here. As always, planning and staying organized help keep things running smoothly. My weekly meal plan is part of that. Taking a few minutes (okay, realistically more like an hour) to review our upcoming calendar and what we have on-hand and planning out meals for the week, helps me feel more in control of my time.

I track my weekly meal plan ideas here on the blog to share with all of you, as well as in my bullet journal.  On my weekly spread, I have added a box for meal plan, and write in each day's idea. If I deviate form my plan, I may make notes in my journal, or I may just let it go - it really depends on my mood and time availability. How do you keep track of your meal plan?

Weekly Meal Plan Ideas sharing real food for real families. Save time and money by planning easy menus for your family.

Here's what we have planned for this week:

Monday - Flank Steak, Roasted Potatoes and Peas
Tuesday - Chicken Quesadillas with this Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Salsa from Mama Cheaps
Wednesday - Pan Seared Pork Chops, Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans
Thursday - Easy Oven Roasted Shrimp with Pasta
Friday - Homemade Pizza Night - French Bread for this week!
Saturday - Dinner with my Parents
Sunday - Early Family Dinner Out

What is your family having for dinner this week? I'd love you to share your ideas and inspiration here in the comments, or join us over on Facebook to talk all things meal planning.

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catch you soon -
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