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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Outfit Inspiration | What I Wore

Welcome back to another weekly fashion post. Getting dressed in the mornings can be hard, right? Workplaces have become more casual, many of us work from home or stay at home throughout the day with kids, so the question becomes, if we aren't leaving our house, do we bother getting dressed?

Most days, my answer is yes. I do my 8 minute face no matter what. And even if I keep my yoga pants on all day, I try to have a clean, neat pair with a decent shirt. There's something about looking "pulled together" that makes me more productive. (I save pajama days for the weekends and holidays)

Now that's all well and good until it's cold and dark and rainy - right? The weather has been less than ideal around here, and that makes getting up and pulled together even more difficult. That's when I reach for easy pieces that we've talked about before. But sometimes you need inspiration.

Inspiration can come from Pinterest or Instagram. From a magazine or catalog. Inspiration can (and I hope it does) come from reading blogs like mine, about women just like you. When I write my weekly posts, I want you to find inspiration in what you already own - not go buy new pieces. Sometimes we find something that needs to be added to our "want" list for a future shopping trip, and that's great. But basically, I want to inspire you to reach into your closet and pull out something great.

MidLife Mom Style Idea - Inspriation Blanket Scarf
Leggings - Hue Brand (they have a 5-pocket look that makes them more like "pants")
T-Shirt - Lord and Taylor (stretchy layer for smoothness and warmth)
Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft (old)
Boots - Hunter Wellies (last year)
Bag - Kate Spade (last year)
Vest - Lands End (old - get style ideas here)
Scarf - Lord and Taylor (old)

The funny story behind how this outfit got started is that I'm really digging the "blanket scarf" trend lately. I don't have many, only this pink one and a classic Burberry one, so I had to make due with this one. That was my "inspiration" piece, and I built the rest of the outfit around wearing that particular scarf. I guess we have to start somewhere - right?

What's your outfit inspiration piece right now?

catch you soon -
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