Hillary Chybinski: Chalkboard Holiday Wrap

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chalkboard Holiday Wrap

It's that time of year when we spend almost as much time wrapping gifts as we do buying them. But I have to confess, I love selecting a wrapping "theme" and making pretty packages to give to people. When I first started doing this, back in the early 90s, I had rolls of foil paper with penguins and flamingos on them.

Chalkboard Holiday Wrap Idea and How-To

Since chalkboard is all the rage this year, I wondered if it would transfer to gift wrapping. A few minutes on Pinterest and I had my answer. It certainly does - perfect for the Holidays or any other occasion.

What You Need (Affiliate Links):

Black Kraft Paper

 Chalk or Chalk Markers

I also bought a roll of red bakers twine because you can NEVER have enough of that!

I plan to add some grosgrain ribbon, maybe a sprig of rosemary and/or boxwood to make things even more festive.

Draw pictures, write messages, whatever your imagination can come up with - the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Be warned, the paper is thicker than regular wrapping paper, so use care when wrapping. Also, the roll is larger than I thought, so I have plenty of black kraft paper for future projects.

Do you have a wrapping theme for holiday gifts?

catch you soon -


  1. I love this! I love any idea to use paper and make your own wrapping paper. Would you suggest spraying over the chalk with a sealer so it doesn't smear? I guess you don't really need to since the gift will be opened quickly!

    1. Hilary - that's a good idea - it does smear . . .for now I'm just trying to be "careful" - LOL

  2. This looks great! What a fun idea!

  3. OH!!! So if we were to spray it with a sealer, what would we use??