Hillary Chybinski: How To Use Heat Rollers

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How To Use Heat Rollers

How to Use Hot Rollers

I am blessed with good hair. While it's no longer the gorgeous strawberry-blonde of my youth, when I'm in the sun, there are more reddish highlights than grey, and for that I very grateful. Besides decent color, I have "good hair" - I can curl it, straighten it, braid it, pull it in a topknot or any other hairstyle I can master. But it does take some work.

The last few weeks, I've gone back to curling my hair - believe it or not - it's easier. My secret weapon? Old-school Jersey Heat Rollers. I KNOW RIGHT? But listen, you can multi-task once they're in. If I'm going to use heat rollers - I'll typically let my hair air-dry so I'm not using too many heat products. You can use whatever curl boosting product you prefer, sometimes I use Mousse.

I have a large set, and here's what I do:
  • I plug them in and wait for them to heat up. I use the 6 largest rollers on the very top of my head for volume and lift.
  • Then I use the medium sized rollers for the rest of my hair.
  • If there is still some left, I use the tiniest rollers on the hair around the nape of my neck.
  • Once they're in - I either get dressed or put on my 8 minute face.
  • After they cool, I unroll them and finger comb my waves into place.
  • Before during or after, I use a damp round brush for my bangs (until the grow out again).
What's your current hairstyle?

catch you soon-

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