Hillary Chybinski: Why You Should Plan to Attend The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival #JerseyLove

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why You Should Plan to Attend The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival #JerseyLove

Disclosure: Caesars Entertainment is a generous sponsor of the #JerseyLove Social Media For Social Good Trip.

Prior to my trip last weekend (Thank you to D6SurfSkimmer and Caesar's Entertainment for making it happen), I have not been to Atlantic City in well over 12 years. Probably closer to 20.  Last time I recall going, The Wild West Casino was new, the Taj was uber fancy, the buffets were long, and the Pier Shops were called Ocean 1 Mall.

The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

Let me tell you my friends, A LOT has changed. . .and for the better. Atlantic City has really created a "destination" spot, with amazing shopping and dining experiences alongside timeless classics like the beach and the boardwalk. There is truly something for everyone.

In fact, while we were guests of Caesar's Entertainment Group, they so graciously invited us to a Taste of AC at Harrah's Resort. This event was a sampling of some of the chefs and dishes that you can find at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival. The Festival is the leading food and wine festival in the market. The four-day festival features a star-studded roster of the world's most renowned culinary experts and TV personalities.

Our Taste of AC was a feast for the eyes AND pallet. We shuttled over to Harrah's, where Jerry, our esteemed host, escorted us up to The Loft.  The Loft overlooks The Pool (which is enclosed in a giant glass dome with a constant temperature of 82 degrees) and encompasses the deck with a double-sided bar. There is both inside and outside seating. It is simply elegant, comfortable and beautiful space.

Harrah's The Pool After Dark

For our event, there were tables set up along the railing overlooking The Pool, with chefs from local restaurants sharing some of their most popular dishes. Joe was behind the bar serving up his "famous" Woo Woo's and other delicious sips.

My culinary adventure began with a refreshing Woo Woo, while I perused the chef's offerings.

Yummy Cocktails at The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

There were servers circling our area with trays of Gazpacho, Ceviche and Lobster Empanadas, while we had the opportunity to speak with each chef regarding their dish and the upcoming festival.

I visited each table, the presentations were beautiful. My favorite taste of the night, were the Plantain Empanadas. They had a great combination of sweet and spicy in each bite.

Tasty Food at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

The Mini Crab Cakes were also delicious, served on bed of mixed greens.

Tasty Food at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

I did not get a chance to sample the Mini Truffle Grissini but from the oohs and ahhs of the other bloggers, these too were very tasty.

Gourmet Bites at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

And then there was the dessert table. Honestly, I could have just taken the platter of Sea Salt Fudge and been happy. I thought these S'More Cheesecake Bites were adorable and would be perfect for a summer picnic or party.

Delicious Desserts at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

I also didn't get a chance to sample the Popcorn Bacon Mousse, but it was the star of the show. So eye-catching and I heard it had a great mix of flavors.

Creative Desserts at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival

It was a wonderful night filled good friends and good food - always the perfect combination.

If you go, the festival takes place across all 4 casinos and resorts under the Caesar's Entertainment Atlantic City umbrella, including: Caesar's, Harrah's Resort, Showboat and Bally's. Tickets for  events run from $40 to $150 per person.

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  1. Hillary, I had never had plantains so I was anxious to try them. I agree, I loved the flavor combo. Honestly, I want the recipe to the Popcorn Bacon Mousee, wonder if we can sweet talk her into giving it up? I could have made a meal on that and the lobster empanadas, in fact, I kinda did! Had so much fun, I'd love to go back to the event next month. Hello, Rocco?

  2. Those plantains were my favorite food we sampled, bar none. I want to drive back to AC to get some more!

  3. Thanks for sharing your previous experience at AC! This was a nice recap of the evening. The food was flavorful and creative. The Food & Wine Festival should be fantastic if this is an indicator!