Hillary Chybinski: A Summer Manifesto

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Summer Manifesto

A "manifesto" is defined as a public declaration.

I always have good intentions of things I want to do for the summer.  Sometimes I get to some of them, sometimes I don't. Since today is the last day of school for Ryan (Owen has graduation on the 27th but his program runs all summer), the kids and I brainstormed some ideas and here's our plan for the summer:


Try/Make 3 New Desserts
     Make a pie
     Make our own Popsicles

Eat Seasonally (more salads, fruits & veggies)
     Eat Corn on the Cob
     Eat Watermelon

Try a new place or new adventure
     Go Bowling
     Go to the Beach
     Go Fishing
     Get Ice Cream

Get outside and play
     Fly a Kite
     Play Badminton
     Have a Family Kickball Game
     Catch Fireflies
     Water Balloons

Find a few pockets of "couple time"
     Lunch Date
     Date Night

Eat Outside more - ignore the bugs!

Buy or craft a Chalkboard

Do you have a Summer Manifesto?

You can check out more ideas over on Life Without Pink

catch you soon -


  1. Totes stealing!
    I am shameless.
    Seriously, great list. Sounds fun and doable and I like pie.

    1. LOL steal away my friend - let me know how you make out! =)


  2. I love how you laid out your ideas! Thanks so much for linking up! Here's to completing our lists!