Hillary Chybinski: Summer Reading List - 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Reading List - 2012

Summer is the perfect time to dive into a great book. Last year, I got the kids all hooked up with some reading programs for the summer.  I am planning to do the same thing this summer, through the kids program at our local library. But then I read Stephanie's post over at A Grande Life, and I wanted to make myself a summer reading list.

Nothing says "summer vacation" like a big basket of books to read! Here are osme ideas to get you started.

I can be a voracious reader. . .when I have the time.  Before I had children, I could go buy the newest Lisa Scottoline or Patricia Cornwell and finish it before bed.  Those days are long gone, but not my love of a good book.  And I am not particular to a "real" book or an e-book. I enjoy both.

So here is a list of ten books I am planning to read over the summer (please notice they are mostly non-fiction, meant to entertain):

1.  Agony of the Leaves by Laura Childs -  Laura Childs writes 2 series that i read and love, this one s part of her tea shop series.

2.  So Pretty it Hurts by Kate White - Kate White writes the Bailey Weggns series - a sharp and sassy mystery series.  She also writes several stand-alone novels of suspense that were quite good. 

3.  Buried in Buttercream by G. A. McKevett - I love her Savannah Reid series.

4.  Save Me by Lisa Scottoline - I must admit I am a HUGE fan of Lisa Scottoline's Bennie Rossato series.  She is a fantastic writer, and her other books are great. . .but that series of smart, sharp and likeable Philly girl lawyers is one of my all-time favorites.

5.  Cat's Claw by Susan Wittig Albert - I adore the China Bayles series and the information on plants and herbs that Susan Albert throws in there are fascinating.  I wish we had an herb shop like China's here in Philly.

6.  Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell - This book is next in the Kay Scarpetta series.  Patricia Cornwell's thrillers are absolutely gripping and the dynamics between her characters and how they have changed and grown throughout the series is wonderful.

7.  One Book in the Grave by Kate Carlisle - This is a fairly new series for me, but so far they have been great!

8.  The Dinner Diaries by Betsey Block - not sure how this got on my list, but in our quest to eat better, I added this to my list of must-reads.

9.  Letting Go With Love and Confidence by Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg - with my oldest off to middle school in the fall, this seems likes a must read!

10.  Content Rules by C. C. Chapman - I enjoy his tweets and am looking forward to improving my online content after reading his book.

So there you have it. . .10 books for three months.  What's on your summer reading list? Are we friends on GoodReads?

catch you soon -


  1. Great list! Let me know how The Dinner Diaries is.

  2. I am totally going to check out that Lisa Scottoline series. One of the series I have gotten into is Cara Black's Parisian detective series with Amy LeDuc. What I love is that it showa Paris' gritter side rather than just what you are familiar with hearing and seeing. I think I have 3 left to read. After that I am going to use your reading list.

    1. Oh I am SO going to have to check that out!! Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Let me know how you like Save Me. I love Kate White - if you have not already read The Sixes, I think you will like it. It is by Kate White but not a Bailey Weggins book. I am looking forward to reading Jennifer Weiner and Elin Hildebrand's latest books that come out soon.

    1. Did you read Save Me? I'm putting it off. . .I LOVED The Sixes - LOL.


  4. we must stay in touch regarding lisa scottoline. i've not read her but we sell alot of her books at the store.