Hillary Chybinski: Project Life Week #13

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life Week #13

You will notice in week #13, that Martha Stewart and her Avery Labels are saving my bacon.   Yes, I am using them on almost every picture.

Once again, I picked a few things to highlight, and focused my journaling on those things.

I did add some "everyday" pictures - like Ryan's new cleats for baseball, the kids helping with the garden, and Owen reading.

Two of my favorites this week are Owen's white-board writing of his family and this shot of all our feet.

I ran out of ink in my printer. . .so I had to get more, because I am loving the options that printing my photos at home give me.  I go through all my photos for the week I'm working on and print out all the landscapes ones in 4x6. . .any portraits I print in the 3x4 size. . .and then I decide if I want to use any square Instagram photos as well, and print them out as a contact sheet.

how is your Project Life coming along?

catch you soon -

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