Hillary Chybinski: Book Review - Suburban Haiku: Boys to Men

Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review - Suburban Haiku: Boys to Men

I belong to a great group of "parents of tweens" on Facebook, and Peyton Price recently posted about her book of Haikus pertaining to parenting boys. . .well as the mom of 2 boys, I needed to see this for myself!

In case you don't remember from literature class,  a Haiku is a three line poem with seventeen syllables—five, then seven, then five.  Perfect for us busy moms - right?

The book is called, Suburban Haiku: Boys to Men . . .and it is a delight! I have them posted all over - they make me laugh, they make me cry, they make we want to pull my boys in tight for a giant hug.

Some of my favorites (seriously, I could post them ALL):

Before we had kids 
I misunderstood the phrase 
"Bring the outside in."


 Slapping each other 
while running wild through the house 
is NOT a real game.


 My arms circled him 
from the minute he was born. 
Now, his circle me.

The book is filled with these short anecdotes that remind you not to take life too seriously sometimes, and also some that remind you just how precious and fleeting it all is. 

So if you are a mom to boys - or know someone who is (this is a GREAT gift) - you may want to put this volume on your list.  Suburban Haiku, by Peyton Price, is a series of e-books inspired by life in the suburbs—both petty and poignant. Suburban Haiku e-books are available on Kindles, Nooks, and all manner of devices via www.suburbanhaiku.com

catch you soon - 

note-I received a copy of the e-book in order to facilitate this review, however as always, allopinions expressed are my very own.


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