Hillary Chybinski: Project Life Week #6

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Life Week #6

So I am still one week behind on Project Life.  And I think I didn't take many 4x6 pictures for weeks 7 and currently in week 8.  How are you guys handling a lack of pictures? Is that a problem ever?

I am proud of Week 6, because I recorded some good moments in time.

I went back and tried to jazz up the Title Cards for the past weeks too. . .at least adding a number besides the date.

I also figured out how to print my Instagram photos and I just added them to the 3x4 cards.

Because I was behind, I didn't journal on the photos or on labels on the photos. . .I may go back and add that if I get caught up on weeks 7 & 8.

How is your Project Life Status?

catch you soon -

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  1. Love it! (I even have the same PL2012 kit.) I NEVER have too few photos, and this year I started printing square photos so I could cram more in (on the journaling cards). I like how you overlapped a full-size photo with a small one - I'll have to steal that trick!

    I'm always way behind, because I don't print my pics at home. So I'll get as much journaling done as possible as I go along, and PL will have a month's worth of post-it notes sticking all over it marking where photos go until my order comes. That's always such a fun day when the pictures get here!

    Side note - I like you blog's background! It looks like Basic Grey paper (my fave).