Hillary Chybinski: menu plan Monday. . .

Monday, September 19, 2011

menu plan Monday. . .

menu plan Monday

so here we are - another week without a good solid plan. . .it's a busy week for me, so I have some ingredients and a general "idea" . . .but no firm plan.

therefore. . .it looks a little like this:

Monday - me out to dinner - leftovers or have-arounds for kids and John (soup, hot dogs, mac n cheese)
Tuesday - pasta and meatballs
Wednesday - fish and veggies
Thursday - chicken
Friday - Dinner on the Boardwalk
Sat & Sun - TBD

so while I don't have recipes all lined up . . . I do have a general sense of where I'm going every afternoon around 4:30 ish . . .and we have all the basics in house.

are you a Monday Menu Planner?

catch you soon -

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