Hillary Chybinski: How to Build a Blog Empire

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Build a Blog Empire

Blogging Resources for Building Your Blog

Alternate title. . .taking a slow boat to China. . .

People ask me what I'm doing these days. . .thanks to the amazing Tara Ziegmont and her recent PSMM SEO Workshop - my new answer is Building a Blog Empire.

That's right - I am building an Empire. . .a legacy to leave my heirs.

Ok reality check. . .I am a decent writer with a passion for connecting with people, an unhealthy addiction to social media and 20 years of business experience.  But I WANT a Blog Empire. . .everybody has dreams - right?

So I'm trying . . .and learning. . .and moving forward. . .brands and companies are finding me.  I am able to connect friends with each other for positive outcomes.  And through it all, I am writing. . .learning. . .evolving. . .waiting. . .

Top 10 Steps to Building a Blog Empire

1.  Create an identity for yourself and a home on the world wide web.

2.  Think about your goals and your mission.

3.  Amplify your message.

4.  Connect with like minded people - or people with totally different ideas that you admire and/or respect.

5.  Reach out - it's ok if they don't reply back - don't give up!

6.  Stay the course. . .do something towards your goal EACH day - even something small.

7.  Explore and test new technologies - who knows, it may just work for you.

8.  Remain open to constructive feedback and growth opportunities (in other words, as my mom always says, "don't cut your nose off to spite your face")

9.  Think of it as a "job" - show up, do your best, ask for feedback.

10.  Don't be afraid to grow or to make a mistake - both can teach you valuable lessons.

What are the lessons you have learned in building your own blog empire?

catch you soon -


  1. What's the book under the Kindle? I don't recognize it. Something about Handmade?

    Yes, I'm feeling like my empire building is like taking a slow boat to China, and that's okay. I'm doing the best I can with the time I have right now, and next year I'll have more time when my youngest is in school.

  2. The most important thing I've learned is: be YOU!

    You're not going to win everyone over, so don't try. If I can get one person to catch the reference, awesomesauce! Because one person to laugh with is way better than 2,000 you kinda faked it with.

  3. Amen Liz - you nailed it (as usual) =) Thanks for leaving your thoughts!


  4. Good luck on building your blog empire. It definitely is all about making those connections! Keep doing what you are doing cause I love reading you. I have no doubt that you will get where you want to be!