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Thursday, July 21, 2011

bloggy summer camp. . .what's in a name?

Day 21- What names would you NEVER name a child or pet? What name do you wish you had been named? Do you like the name of your blog?

i can recall being pregnant with our first child. . .sitting down with baby naming books. . .making a list. . .sharing it with John as we sat in bed in the evenings, reading and relaxing (BEFORE KIDS). . .

. . . and him finding fault with EVERY name I came up with! LOL  Though I have to credit him with coming up with and suggesting Ryan's name (LOVE it!).  I think Owen's was a collaboration =)

having a "different" name myself (maybe not now - but in the 70s and 80s it was considered weird) - i wanted my kids to have a name that stood out.  John did not want to name the boys afer himself - I offered.  while we ended up with names that are not all that different - they are also not the most popular boy names.

each of the boys also has a significant middle name - Ryan's is in honor of my dad and Owen's is in honor of my brother.

names i would never use. . .probably "things" - like Apple, Grapefruit, Button, Shirt, Pants. . .whatever - I don't where people come up with these things.

the name of my blog. . .i do like it. . .i always worry that i could do better . . .but it represents what it stands for. . .perhaps it needs a little design tweaking. . .what do you think?

To join in the summer blog camp - go to Creating Motherhood!

catch you soon -

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