Hillary Chybinski: bloggy summer camp. . .childhood memories

Saturday, July 23, 2011

bloggy summer camp. . .childhood memories

Day 22 – What is your most beloved childhood memory? I’d love it if you shared a photo of yourself as a child with this post!

i can't pick one. . .i am lucky enough to have had a childhood filled with cherished memories.  it wasn't perfect, but there were plenty of wonderful memories. . .our family vacation to Disney World (I think I was 12),  getting my mustard yellow kitchen set for Christmas (I was 4), playing Barbies with my cousin, making a clubhouse for  my stuffed animals with another cousin, holiday get-togethers at my my grandparents' house.

if i had to pick one - it would be spending time with my grandmom Josie.  in my memory she was a special kind of grandmom - always right next door, always happy to see me, always happy to do stuff with me. i miss her every day!

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  1. I am Hilary...with one l ; my husband says because I am "one l of a lady!" You may like to follow my blog at
    where I am recording some memories of my life for my family. I recently celebrated my 80th birthday.I will enjoy following your memories.
    I am in Australia

  2. I am really enjoying your bloggy summer camp posts! My mom has that school memory book for me! I haven't thought about that for years...I'll have to ask her to dig it out the next time I'm there. Gotta love those 1970s clothes from elementary school!