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Monday, April 11, 2011

it takes a village. . .

. . .or is there one living in my sofa cushions. . .

what is this you may ask?

the tools of a wee village?
contents of my purse?

no - the salvageable stuff I found deep within the cushions of my chair and sofa - and yes, those are scissors. . .

since i don't particularly like to clean - but no one else is doing it around here any longer - I drug out the giant vacuum - and did some cleaning. . .here's what i learned:

our vacuum is heavy and hard to manage
we have a lot of stuff taking up floor space leaving it difficult to manhandle our larger than life vacuum
the inner cushions of furniture are dark disgusting areas
i want a roomba for christmas

what are your cleaning "discoveries"?

catch you soon -

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