Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday . . .mixing metals

Friday, April 08, 2011

fashion friday . . .mixing metals

happy fashion friday my fashionista friends!

today I want to talk about jewelry. . .specifically mixing metals. . .

at getting gorgeous, i got these BEAUTIFUL earrings from lisa j. lehmann desings

Copper Earrings - photo credit my scraps

i totally love them - they are a perfect design and size for my personal style - my question is - can i wear them with other metals? and if so - which ones? ( i did find an AMAZING copper bracelet on lisa's website that I am completely in love with!)

those of you that know me probably noticed i am all silver-toned jewelry kinda girl . . . i also tend to wear the same stuff on a regular basis - so i'm wondering what your tips and tricks would be for incorporating these awesome earrings into my style?

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catch you soon -

note: i received the earrings as part of my swag bag at getting gorgeous.  as always - ALL opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.


  1. LOVE the earrings. I'd definitely wear them with your hair pulled back, tho, so they don't get lost. (at least, that's my plan!)

  2. I have the same issue, but I am wearing them when I don't need a necklace. And then I figure the bracelet can be silver. But, I also love that bracelet - I saw Lisa wearing it at Blissdom, and it is striking.

  3. LOVE! i'm so happy you like them!

    and yes, you can mix your metals, it's perfectly fine...in fact...it's fantastic!

    but just wait until tomorrow...a new nixed metal necklace is coming!