Hillary Chybinski: Inspired by Martha. . .Stamping with Corks

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspired by Martha. . .Stamping with Corks

That Martha Stewart . . .she's so clever. Love her crafting idea of using corks for simple stamping.

She is the most inspiring person . . . I'm not sure i could handle meeting her in person-although it is DEFINITELY on my bucket list. I've been to her show in NYC, but meeting her would be amazing.

Anyway she has been inspiring me for YEARS now . . . here is just one recent example:

Stamping with Corks

What You Need:
  • Corks
  • Ink Pads or Paint
Martha had an article on using corks as stamps. Seems simple enough - right? Heaven knows, we have plenty of corks around here. You can leave them whole, and stamp the circles. Or if you want to get fancy, you can cut them for different designs. For this project, we left them as circles, but tried a few different ones, to see how they looked.

Jar of Corks

In a moment of desperation to find something "new" to do with my 4 year old (you've had those parenting days - right?) . . .I broke out some of my corks, showed him the pictures and let him go to work. . .

Little boy stamping

Cork Stamp Results

Stamping with Corks

He had a great time - and was entertained for a while, with little mess and clean-up for mom afterwards, which is always a good thing. Inspired by his work and of course Martha's I'm off to try some note cards for myself. . . maybe some fruits or some circle designs with fine lines added in.

Have you ever tried stamping with corks?

catch you soon -

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