Hillary Chybinski: the great sunglasses caper of 2011 . . .

Monday, April 18, 2011

the great sunglasses caper of 2011 . . .

trying to leave the house yesterday morning for some early errands before backyard playtime - I could not find my sunglasses.

now that may not seem unusual to most - but I am particular about everything in it's place - keys, sunglasses, purse, etc.

my sunglasses were nowhere to be found - the last place i remember wearing them? Little League game Friday night - BEFORE the Saturday monsoons . . .

John convinced me to check the fields before we gave up - so we did and he was a good sport, walking all around the mud pits and puddles looking for them - nothing.

so we headed off to Lenscrafters to hopefully get a replacement pair.  after a broken lab at one location, followed by bad information prompting us to go to a 2nd location - I was still without sunglasses.

we were all grumpy, annoyed and low on blood-sugar, so we bagged errands and came home.

as i walked in the door - i had an image of myself shaking out my baseball totebag . . .in the kitchen? so i checked the kitchen floor under things. . .nope

where did I shake it out? the front porch! i went out there - looked around - recalling I shook the bag out, over the fence, into the ivy and several things fell out of the pocket.  I thought I got all the things. . .but JUST maybe. . .

I peeked over the wall - and there were my sunglasses - nestled in the ivy up against the stone wall - never to be seen again. . .except that I remembered!!

catch you soon -

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