Hillary Chybinski: thinking about food. . .part 2

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thinking about food. . .part 2

today i went Target shopping with Ryan - just the two of to run some errands.

while we were there - he asked me for some things - Hamburger Helper was one of them. . .with the 80/20 rule fresh in my mind from last night's #safefood chat on Twitter I was prepared to say yes. . .

but then I spied the box of Annie's - practically the same thing - I compared the ingredients. . .better choice no question - not a huge difference in price.  I put the Annie's brand in our cart.

Ryan asked me why I'm always reading labels. . .I explained that many companies put additives and dyes into their food and that studies have found these things are not good for people.

Ryan asked me why the Companies put them in the food then. . .I took it a bit further and explained that the SAME companies don't put dyes and additives in the SAME foods in Europe.  He asked why not (gotta love kid curiosity) . . . I said I didn't really know, but I guess because the Europeans refuse to allow it in there.

As we pushed the cart along. . .Ryan said, "Mom, that is just wrong.  I think I'm going to write a letter to President Obama and tell him that he should stop these Companies form putting that bad stuff in food."

and I swear you could hear a heavenly choir of angels singing and my heart swelled with pride.

maybe - just maybe - this is working. . .

catch you soon -

note:  I know the Sloppy Joe sauce is FAR from organic or healthy - but compared to the other brand - this label was MUCH easier to read and had no dyes.

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