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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

phases of childhood. . .

this may not be your "typical" look at the various stages of childhood. . .I am not talking about age-appropriate milestones or developmental milestones.

i am talking about rights of passage as a parent. . .

when your child gives up nursing and/or taking a bottle. . .graduating to a cup.

when your baby leaves the crib for a toddler bed - chooses to walk instead of riding in a stroller.

and of course the golden-ticket - leaving diapers and pull-ups behind.

We recently accomplished this last milestone around here.  Because our preschool has no requirements for potty training - we have always been completely child-led.  Many of our friends and acquaintances think we wait entirely too long (Little is 4) - but our efforts seem so much easier than theirs - almost effortless truth be told.

We start off small - and only with what our child tells us he's comfortable with.  Baby-steps . . .wearing big-boy underpants to school.   Putting the dreaded toddler potty in the living room (our bathroom is upstairs) so it's easy-access.  Finally, leaving underpants on for bed.

We've had only a few accidents - one out with friends (entirely MY fault for not insisting we stop playing and use the potty).  I keep a small LL Bean backpack in the car with a spare set of underpants, pants and socks.

One night this week we needed a complete bed covers change - again - not my favorite thing - but it's a small price to pay for so many days and nights of success.

This is a big right of passage for me - he is our last, so no more diapers for me.  It brings me both joy and a touch of sentimental sadness (but only for a minute).

where are you on the road to potty training? what are your success tips?

catch you soon -

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