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Monday, February 21, 2011

you can call me books. . .

. . .i have a love affair with books. . .

really all sorts of books - but my absolute favorite are mysteries. . .mysteries with a female "sleuth". . .my taste runs from Medical Examiner thrillers by Patricia Cornwell to legal thrillers by Lisa Scottoline to cozies by Cleo Colye and Laura Childs . . .

my mom is a huge mystery buff and has well over 5,000 titles that she keeps organized in a spreadsheet and binder system.

she got me started with Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie and later Sue Grafton.  I introduced her to some local mystery book stores (now out of business sadly) and the Mid-Atlantic Mystery Book Fair.  WE got to meet several of our favorite authors - like Lisa Scottoline, Katherine Hall Paige and Donna Huston Murray.

I prefer series - and will buy an author's entire series - starting with #1 of course.

My problem is now space. . .I'm out of it for books. . .and with e-readers being so popular. . .why am I hanging onto so many books?  In addition, my mom has many (85%) of the same books I do.  I don't have time to re-read anything. . .I'm always moving onto something new.

So the delimea is what to do - part with something I love or hang onto it for no good reason except an emoitional tie?

Any good suggestions out there?

catch you soon -


  1. I have taken to offering visitors the chance to take what they would like form my shelves.

    I've got a big house and all, but the over 5,000 books were starting to take over. i also have not bough nearly as many in the last yer, relying more on the library and Audible for books that I won't have to wonder what to do with in a week...

    Good luck!

  2. So it killed me but 6-8 months ago I boxed up a TON of books. I only use my Kindle now to read really and as much as I love having a book case, I just had too many. I saved just one small bookcase and spread the love with friends & family. The ones that didn't get taken ended up at Goodwill...

  3. I would sell them or donate them to AAUW - they do annual booksales that support sending girls to college! I love my books - the touch, smell, etc. But it comes to a point where you have to purge! Good luck!

  4. Oh man, you are asking the wrong person on this one. We have 8 bookcases all over the house stuffed to the gills with books. I have started trading some in (Harvest Books in Ft. Washington) or just donating. I still save quite a bit though. I also just got a Kindle for Christmas, but I'm not ready to give up my books:)