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Friday, February 18, 2011

advocating for your child. . .

i just came from a meeting with the OT at our school district.  ryan has been receiving services for help with his fine motor skills - mostly in hand-writing.

she complimented me on being such a great advocate for my child. . .which made me so proud and filled me with such joy, because one of my insecurities is feeling as though I am not a BIG ENOUGH advocate for my kids.

you know from my blog and twitter that i've seen Race to Nowhere and that it's had an impact on how i view education.  it's clearly had an impact on what i bring to the table in discussions with school personnel and how i react to situations as well.  it's allowed me to be a little more "big picture" and not get too caught up in all the details.

having healthy happy kids is my #1 priority. what is so hard to remember is that those 2 things come in many many forms - not just one.

catch you soon -

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