Hillary Chybinski: making a list and checking it twice. . .

Monday, December 20, 2010

making a list and checking it twice. . .

wow - it's Christmas week!

I am always so surprised (and slightly disappointed truth be told) when it gets here.  for all my planning and good intentions - it manages to sneak up on me in a flurry of "must-do's" and "want-to's".

I have managed to complete my holiday cards - and I have a few left over for any surprises that may arise or arrive =)

I have not wrapped a gift. . .

We have baked 2 types of cookies - I'd like to bake at least 2 more types. . .we may or may not get to them.

Almost all my gifts are bought - and those that aren't are part of a plan that will happen before December 25th.

how's your list looking today? 

catch you soon -

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