Hillary Chybinski: fashion friday. . .new age shopping?

Friday, November 05, 2010

fashion friday. . .new age shopping?

so have you heard of My Best Fit?

                                           picture courtesy of www.mybestfit.com

there has been one at the king of prussia mall for quite sometime now, and i've been scared to try it. . .i didn't want it to tell me i needed to go buy big clothes.

but a few bloggy friends have tried it out and built up my courage, so i went for it.  the lovely associate, Jung helped me out and was just so friendly and helpful (she even held my purse).

so what happens is you step in this "chamber" that reminds me of the transport station in Star Trek but with a door.  there are special instructions on where and how to stand and how to hold your arms - good posture is key to an accurate reading.

then the scanner goes around the perimeter of the chamber, taking your measurements.  the data gets fed into a computer, and a lovely color printed Shopping Guide Profile is printed for you.

my profile had 20 pairs of jeans - ranging in price from $29.50 to $189.00.  The profile tells you the manufacturer, the store, the size the color, and the MSRP.  there is also a fit arrow that show how well each style will fit you.  Jung told me that it doesn't give you anything below a 60%.

one limitation i see is that my best fit has to work with stores to get the information - that could provide only limited information.  hopefully, it gains popularity and expands it's selection.  the second limitation is right now it is only women's jeans; no other clothes, men's or children's.

so i did the scan, and i have my profile. . .you have to stay tuned for part 2 where I go try on these jeans and see how accurate the fit it.

catch you soon -

note - I was not compensated in any way, although I am open to review opportunities from my best fit or other companies.  As always, all opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.


  1. I've heard about that. Very cool. I can't wait to hear if it's accurate for you. I've heard mixed reviews.

  2. I will be sure to let you know! =) it's a good concept. . .seems like anything that makes shopping (for jeans and bathing suits especially) easier is a good thing - even if not flawless. =)


  3. Hey! You did it!!

    I haven't been back to the mall since I had it done, so I haven't gotten to test out any sizes and stuff.

  4. Cliff-hanger! I'm on edge waiting to hear how it turns out for you.

  5. wow that's really cool- I'm dying to hear what happens when you try the jeans-