Hillary Chybinski: Turning Double Digits

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Turning Double Digits

We made it to double digits. Ten years ago today. . .my life changed forever.

This handsome little man came into the world making me a mommy for the very first time and touching me and my life in ways i never imagined.


For ten years we have grown together. . .learned new things together. . .played together. . .cried together. Until he has children of his own (if that's the path he chooses), he will never know how much he means to me or how much he is loved - no matter how many times a day I tell him.


He is a wonderful son - so handsome and funny.  smart and clever. he was sitting on my lap the other night (I am cherishing those moments, because i fear there won't be many left) and I was teasing him that he's all lines and angles - skinny bones, sharp elbows and knees.

He is kind and as honest as an American ten year old can be. . .he does have his moments of embellishing. I am so very lucky - each and every day - that he is a part of my life.  and wish with all my might that his 10th birthday is as wonderful as he wants it to be.

Turning ten

catch you soon -