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Monday, September 27, 2010

confessions of a product junkie. . .

. . .in case you didn't know this about me. . .i'm a bit of a product junkie. 

i love the allure of what a new product can potentially do for you. . .perhaps even change your life (at the very least make your hair shinier)

so when my friend Pam asked if i would be interested in attending a Trish McEvoy Master Class at Neiman Marcus that she won at a silent auction - I jumped at the chance! (she knows me too well and was not the least bit surprised)

there was a small group of us - only three ladies in total at my table. . .this was the set up.  i love the workbook - the opportunity to write down what products you love, what looked amazing on you, techniques - everything.

our make-up artist was Sue - although Teresa led the group and freely handed out amazing advice and suggestions.

i had never tried Trish McEvoy before - though I was familiar with her name and sterling reputation.  Teresa started off showing us the 'planner system". . .i mean really - if i wasn't hooked right then and there - it wasn't gonna happen.

the planner system is a set of 3 bags - Sue told us to consider them our smartphone, laptop and desktop of make-up.  One you don't leave home without, one you travel with and one is your standby.  A brilliant idea - and Trish's make ups and brushes all fit in the various bags with their "sleeves" (YES they have rings like a paper planner)

since i am no longer pulling in an income, i restrained myself.  However, I loved the way my face looked so young and bright after the make-up lesson.  So I did pick out a few "must haves" to bring home.

this is my thrid make-up master class - third artist/company . . .each was different, and with each one I walked away with a feeling of a "new" and "better" me - and that's a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon - not to mention champagne and hors d'ouvers.

catch you soon -

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