Hillary Chybinski: campfires. . .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

campfires. . .

earlier this week i was left in charge of the family campsite. . .

i was sitting out there at the campsite alone - john and owen were napping and ryan and pop-pop were off on an adventure. . .i know nothing about camping or campfires.

i was a brownie - never a girlscout. . .

so i used my resources - google and my friend, Tecla whose son and husband are expert boyscouts!  with their help - i kept the fire going until the professionals returned and turned it into a "real" campfire.

the point of all this rambling - is how many times are we each faced with a "campfire"?

an unfamiliar situation that we are unsure of how to best navigate. . .what do we do? where do we turn? I turned to trusted friends and Google (the ultimate answer to everything). . .and with a little guidance, I did my best.  After all, that's all any of us can do - right? our best.

what campfires are you facing? how do you decide how to keep them going?

catch you soon -


  1. I'm pretty sure Google is my BFF. ;-) Good job. There is no way I would be left alone at a campsite. My husband knows better. LOL Now, a nice comfy couch in a Marriott is a different story!

  2. Hey chica- you won my little notepad on 30 Minute Martha! Send me your address to claim! :)