Hillary Chybinski: the last of the single digits. . .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the last of the single digits. . .

. . .so yesterday, this boy turned 9. . .

is it possible that it was 9 years ago i called carla to see if joe could swing by and take us to the hospital. . .i thought for sure i'd be able to drive that 2 miles in between contractions - who'd have thought the very first one would be "IT"??

9 years ago. . .some days it seems like a lifetime - some days it feels like a minute

ryan, you're the one who taught me and is still teaching me to be a mom. . .you showed me that it was possible to love someone so much it hurts. i have always wanted the best for you - and i always will. each day is an adventure - i learn something new - some new nugget about you and the person you are quickly becoming. . .some new truth about myself. . . some of it's good and some of it not so much but i wouldn't trade a day.

happy birthday bird - i love you.

catch you soon -


  1. Oh ... what a lovely post ... happy birthday to your handsome boy!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and what a great cake!!!