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Sunday, May 17, 2009

the latest technology. . .

. . .so in typical form. . .john has gotten himself the latest and greatest gadget. . .

in sprained ankle care

on saturday, he took ryan into the office to do some catch-up work for the day. owen and i drove out and picked them up, and on his way out of the office - taking care to make sure ryan was okay (it's a giant construction site you know) - he stepped in a cracked-pavement hole, and went down.

ryan ran over to tell me and with the help of some fellow-employees, we got him some ice and got him in the car. he didn't seem to be doing all that well. . .

when we got home, and he could barely get out of the car - I convinced him we should take a quick trip to the ER. so I dropped him off, pushed him inside in a wheelchair, and went to park the car. while he got checked in - I bought the kids some snacks in the vending machine and tried to find something on the wating room tv. . .luckily we were the only people in there. why wouldn't a waiting room tv have children's shows on it??? we settled for baseball - it had the least violence.

the mom of one of ryan's classmates was on duty in the ER and she brought us all in to sit with dad - and rustled up some coloring books, crayons and stickers for the kids while they waited for dad to get an x-ray. ryan was a little freaked out - and was talking up a storm. . .thanks Mimi for that trait!

good news - no break

bad news - "horrible" sprain - which now means we have added this fancy air cast and a pair of crutches to our household. john made it through the night - we are heading to my parents today - I'll load him up on Advil before we leave.

catch you soon -


  1. He needs a good lawyer!!!

  2. Oh no! Hope he's getting around and the pain is subsiding...