Hillary Chybinski: between the raindrops. . .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

between the raindrops. . .

so we've been having a LOT of rain here - or so it seems. . .at one point we had rain for 9 days in a row. . .since we live on the opposite side of the country from seattle - it seems a bit much.

any-who. . .in between the raindrops, we've been doing a little planting and gardening and yard-work. on monday owen and i planted sunflower seeds and put lettuce seeds and carrot seeds in our garden bed.

when we checked them last night - we noticed this:


and then in the front of the house we are having some work done to remove an out of control hooneysuckle situation and the resulting dying geoundcover. . .we have professional help with this project. . .and hope that by summer this terrace will be grass covered.

enjoy your weekend -
catch you soon-

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